transgender club


Who is She? Transgender Club - for the transgender community and their admirers, LGB.

A venue thats homely, secure, discreet and intimate.

Meet like-minded people without being judged, your world , who you want to be


She is You


Dress how you want to dress.

Dance to your hearts desire.

Meet good listeners.

Imperfections desired by others.

Share, develop, grow to real you.

Sing the night away.

Act out your inner desires and fantasies.


Created with you in mind! Sublime.


All round Transgender Club for Admirers and LGB. 

Comfort, Clean, Spacious,

Play, Social, Dance, Sing, Drink, Eat.

Every week, regulars, first-timers, visitors from all over U.K. and abroad.

A special place you will never forget.

Come and sing Karaoke at - we celebrate with you

All your favourite songs on request